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Attracting Musicians, Artists, Dreamers, Seekers and Bootleggers Since 1787.

Tucked behind a waterfall along a babbling brook, our Catskills contemporary hotel sits just steps away from Woodstock’s iconic town center. Our sustainable and conscious design, paired with a nod to local flavors and peerless hospitality will lead you to embrace our way of life here, drawing you in to




Best thing about the #catskills is the changing seasons. Come on up and experience our winter wonderland it’s only here till March!! 📷 @carly.francesca 
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We love this time of year!! #skitheeast 
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Concert Promoter, Producer, Manager, Maverick, Disrupter, Icon are just a few things that Michael Lang @michael_scott_lang_ was known for during his time with us. Most importantly he was a father, a husband, a community leader and a dear friend. 

Michael was one of the first people I met when we came to Woodstock in 2005. Our properties backed up to each other and there were many afternoons where we would hike the 100 plus acres between our homes to have a meal, a toke or just a quick catch up on life. 

He was in constant motion. Maybe traveling to a music festival somewhere in Europe, down to the city for a Broadway play, jump a quick flight to LA to discuss a new project. He inspired people, he dreamed big and had faith in humanity. He always saw the good in people but was quick to protect the ones he loved. 

I remember an evening in New York City where Michael and I had just stepped out of The Beacon Theater after seeing a show. As we walked south down Amsterdam Ave a man came up to Michael with his arms extended and something in his hand. Michael reached out his own hands making a bowl shaped surface to accept whatever this person wanted to give him. As the stranger placed three guitar picks into his palm Michael thanked him, with his big boyish smile, and without missing a beat the man looked deep into our eyes and said, “no thank you, you have helped change this world” and just kept on walking. 

You are one of the few that made people stop and listen and I look forward to seeing you again someday. Rest In Peace #rip - Rock In Power #woodstock #woodstockny
I’m calling in sick and going #skiing Finally!! Don’t forget to stop by @potterbrothers to get you equipment needs!!
Though these days this world can feel like Life on Mars  just know Changes are around the corner 📷 @nikaugello_
Above the clouds in Woodstock 🕊📸 by @apnazzaro8000

Woodstock Way Hotel continues to update policies and procedures with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as our local officials and the State of New York.

We always strive for the highest standards of hotel cleanliness and safety and follow rigorous cleaning processes and employee training programs that continue to incorporate the evolving best practices to mitigate the spread of covid-19.