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Live Music in Woodstock, NY

Live, Love, Listen

The live music scene in Woodstock, NY is a destination in itself, known for its exceptional caliber of local and touring talent, and for its iconic venues. Testament to the town's cultural significance and vibrant community, no trip to Woodstock is complete without taking in a little something from our events calendar.

Small Town Thrills

Halloween in Woodstock

Nothing beats Woodstock for Halloween. The "most famous small town in America" does it right with large scale jack-o-lantern displays, costume parades through town, and vintage horror movie screenings.

Live Music at The Pines

Live Music Every Wednesday

A local favorite, The Pines is a short drive from Woodstock and hosts our favorite live music night, featuring The Catskill Harmony Guild every Wednesday from 7:00 to 9:00pm.

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